Employee Central…

Health, insurance, 401(k) Plan and pension (if eligible) benefits information has moved to a new Benefit Center at www.morganstanley.com/benefits. Call the new Benefit Center at 1-877-MSHR-411 (1-877-674-7411); outside the U.S. call, 1-718-354-1343.

ESPP account information has moved to BNY Mellon at bnymellon.com/shareowner/equityaccess. Call BNY Mellon at 1-888-838-0117; outside the U.S. call, 1-201-680-6865.

Note to active or former Discover employees:
Beginning 7/1/2008 your benefits are now administered by the new Discover Benefits Central.
Online: www.benefitsweb.com/discover.html
By phone: 1-877-999-3675