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If you do not know your PIN, please enter your Login ID and click on "Forgot Your PIN?" You may then either request a PIN Reminder or, if you have registered for the "Forgot Your PIN?" feature, you may access this site by answering the challenge questions you previously designated.

If you do not know your Employee Number, call HR Services at 844-4TIAAHR (844-484-2247) and select option 1. If you do not know your Alternate ID or if you have any other questions, call Your Benefits Center at the number below and speak to a Representative. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, except on holidays.

Your Benefits Center
Toll-free: (844)-4TIAAHR (844-484-2247), select 4 and then option 1
International callers: (800) 449-4015
Hearing-impaired: (800) 227-1341

Note: Whenever you access Your Benefits Web or speak to a Your Benefits Center Representative to initiate a transaction, you are authorizing the Plan Administrator to execute each transaction as if you had given written, signed authorization to do so. While we attempt to make Your Benefits Web available 24 hours a day, occasionally one or both may be unavailable or it may not be possible to execute transactions for other reasons. The company and its agents will not be responsible for transactions that cannot be initiated or executed. You should refer to the Summary Plan Description for a more detailed explanation of Plan provisions and procedures.

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